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Luca Fallavena for Falper

1) Why did you choose Cristalplant® for your products? 

Ever since we began producing designer sinks we realized that solid surface was the ideal material with which to perfect the forms obtainable from moulds or, with additional processing, to renovate surfaces. Cristalplant is the most compact and advanced solid surface available, from a technical, aesthetic and also ecological point of view, and it's the best suited to developing the sophisticated design elements destined for the design of interiors, especially bathrooms.

2) What are the advantages of Cristalplant® in your opinion?

A unique tactile effect similar to touching stone and the particularly soft way it reflects light make Cristalplant almost a natural material. Cristalplant is the only solid surface that doesn’t look like a plastic imitation of natural stone. Also, its anti-yellowing characteristics, its mechanical and chemical resistance and the partially plant-derived composition of the resin, which led to the award of Green Guard Gold certification, make this material the international standard of excellence.

3) For how long have you collaborated with the industrial group which owns the patentsfor Cristalplant® and produces it? 

Our collaboration began in the early 2000s and grew stronger year by year as we developed increasingly sophisticated projects that were realized by the mos timportant Italian and international designers.
Cristalplant benefits from excellent support, both technological and in terms of marketing. The latter is very important for making the material known within the field and increasing its use in the construction of the most prestigious residences and hotels in the world.

Head office: 
Via Veneto, 7-9
40064 Ozzano Emilia
Bologna Italy
Tel.+39 051 799319