Cristalplant® is a homogeneous material throughout its thickness and scratches, stubborn stains and cigarette burns can be repaired, restoring the surface to its original beauty.

Ordinary cleaning

‏Let’s see together how to perform the ordinary cleaning of Cristalplant products.
‏You can treat them with soapy water or common detergents.
‏You can also use gel or abrasive detergents.
‏Cleaning can be accompanied by the use of “Scotch Brite” type abrasive sponges.
‏On the other hand, aggressive chemicals such as acetone, trichlorethylene, strong acids or bases cannot be used.
‏It is important to rinse thoroughly after using cleaning products.

Removal of stains, scratches or burns

‏In case of stains or scratches, follow these simple steps:
‏First of all, wipe the affected area with a Scotch Brite type abrasive sponge, smoothing the surface. If the defect persists, sand again with very fine sandpaper.
‏Now let’s see how to act in the case of burns.
‏After cleaning thoroughly with a dry cloth, treat the affected area with a Scotch Brite type abrasive sponge.
‏If the stain persists, treat the area with very fine sandpaper.
‏Now remove the dust with a cotton cloth.

Products suitable for Cristalplant®

Cream or powder detergents such as CIF®, VIM® or similar that contain micro-granules that abrade the surface.

Quickly rinsed denatured ethyl alcohol

Products NOT suitable for Cristalplant®

Solvents such as acetone or trichlorethylene and other harsh chemicals

Aggressive chemicals such as muriatic acid and caustic soda

Industrial cleaners whose aggressiveness is unknown

Substances used to unblock sinks

Solvents used in the painting industry

Extraordinary maintenance

‏Before carrying out this procedure it is very important to carefully read the instructions and the information sheet contained in the package of the repair kit.
First of all clean with a dry cloth.
‏Now clean with denatured alcohol or acetone.
‏Mix the putty and catalyst.
‏Now spread the amalgam, leaving plenty.
‏The stucco must harden for at least 3-4 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees centigrade. At lower temperatures it is necessary to use a jet of hot air; a hair dryer can be fine.
‏After the necessary time has elapsed, sand the affected area with P220 sandpaper.
‏Now sand with P320 sandpaper.
‏Clean with a cream detergent.
‏Now it will be enough to rinse with a wet sponge.

step 1

With a cotton cloth soaked in denatured ethyl alcohol, carefully clean the damaged surface and the surrounding area, in order to remove dust and stains

step 2

Using a stainless steel spatula, mix thoroughly the putty and catalyst provided in the maintenance kit until the liquid is completely dispersed. Important note: use the whole of the two components, because if the wrong doses of catalyst are used, you risk obtaining a yellow colour (with too much catalyst) or insufficient hardening (with not enough catalyst)

step 3

Apply the putty on the damaged part and the one immediately surrounding it, taking care to spread the putty a little at a time inside the defect, in order to let the air out. A stucco relief must be obtained over the defect and the part immediately surrounding it

step 4

Leave the stucco to harden for at least 12 hours at an ambient temperature of at least 15°C. To speed up the catalysis start, obtaining a faster hardening, it is possible to use a hot air generator – such as a hairdryer – making it sufficient to wait 4-5 hours before removing the excess stucco

step 5

The stucco must be removed with abrasive paper (220 grit). If a lot of excess stucco has been applied, we recommend you use an electric sander with 120 grit and then 220 grit paper to finish the surface. The surface must be smoothed evenly, also including the surrounding part to avoid any differences and hollows

step 6

After removing the stucco, eliminate the dust formed and clean with commonly used detergents and the Scotch Brite® sponge included in the kit. For European law, the repair kit should not be requested on this website, but you must request it from the shop that sold you the product

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