Our research and development department works with a consolidated method.

Our bespoke method

For bathroom furniture companies, we produce Cristalplant® products with customized moulds, guaranteeing the partners who rely on us minimum lots that correspond to the typical volumes of semi-industrial technologies dedicated to the high-end sector. In 11 weeks we can mass produce your ideas.

week 0

the client – or designer commissioned by the client – presents us with a 2D or 3D sketch or technical drawing

week 1

Within a week we present the client with an offer with the initial investment and the price of the product

week 2

The customer approves the quote, signs the offer and contract

week 3

in 5/10 days, our technical department prepares the technical drawing that must be confirmed by the client

week 4

internal advancement

week 5

internal advancement

week 6

We present the client with the prototype that must be confirmed by the client – 15/20 days for a washbasin

week 7

internal advancement

week 8

internal advancement

week 9

We build the mould in 20/25 days

week 10

We submit a pre-series of 5 pieces to the client for quality control (about 10 days)

week 11

based on the program and commercial agreements, we can mass-produce for the customer

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Cristalplant® is famous all over the world and has exclusive properties because formulated and constantly improved in our laboratories in Italy

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